Paige Falls/Broadwater Hollow

Just as you come into Compton, Arkansas from the north, turn onto the dirt road opposite the fire station to get to Paige Falls in Broadwater Hollow. It is a bit of a drive down this road and it can be a bit rough, but I promise, you will not regret it. The falls start … Continue reading Paige Falls/Broadwater Hollow

Richland Creek Wilderness-Camping, Hiking & Backpacking

If you are looking for a great place to head outdoors in Northern Arkansas, consider the Richland Creek area. For day hikers or backpackers, you can camp in the campground and day hike to Richland Falls, Twin Falls and even Sandstone Castle or you can hike in and camp. The trails to Richland Falls and … Continue reading Richland Creek Wilderness-Camping, Hiking & Backpacking

On a hit summer night would you………..

Well, yes, we would.... have an amazing healthy dinner with some of our very good friends and then head to the lake for an evening boat ride. It was an incredible evening to be on the lake. There were hardly any other boats out and with the moon coming into full, I just couldn't get … Continue reading On a hit summer night would you………..

Breakfast in a Bag

On a recent camping trip, I wanted breakfasts to be easy so I made omelette bags. I put all the ingredients in a double seal bag so all I had to do is pour it in the skillet and cook. It was a hit. There is no real recipe for this, as you use what … Continue reading Breakfast in a Bag

Colorado Vacation 2019 Day 1 – Home to Dodge City, KS

Day 1 of vacation started with an epic fail. We should have given our granddaughters motion sickness pills before we left and we didn't. We remembered too late. Mady fought it hard but got sick. After we stopped and cleaned her up and changed her clothes, we got back on straighter roads and they slept … Continue reading Colorado Vacation 2019 Day 1 – Home to Dodge City, KS

Escapades in the Escapade

When we started looking at small campers, Brian researched several different models and found things we liked about them all. With the closest dealer being over 2 hours away, he watched their inventory and one Saturday morning their inventory showed they had 2 in stock so, off we went. We got there and they let … Continue reading Escapades in the Escapade

10 ways to stay cool in the outdoors this summer!

On Memorial Day weekend, we floated Mt. Hersey to Grinders Ferry on the Buffalo River with some of our best friends or "tramily." A tramily is a group of people that meet on a trail and stay together for an amount of time. I know floating doesn't involve a dirt trail but we do follow … Continue reading 10 ways to stay cool in the outdoors this summer!