Escapades in the Escapade

When we started looking at small campers, Brian researched several different models and found things we liked about them all. With the closest dealer being over 2 hours away, he watched their inventory and one Saturday morning their inventory showed they had 2 in stock so, off we went. We got there and they let us know they were both sold and they would contact us when they had more. They didn’t seem to care that we basically came there to buy one or that we drove so far. So, I left them a bad review and we came home. Brian got online and started looking more closely at the Escapade camper. Through their website, you could customize the camper and over the course of a couple of weeks, he had created the perfect camper for us. After we got it, we had so much fun in it and we wanted to bring the grandkids. Once again, Brian went back to the internet and researched roof top tents and before you could say “Let’s go camping”, one was on the way and installed. Within a few weeks, we loaded up 3 of the grandkids and headed to test out the tent. After a dinner of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, we fished until time for a campfire. The time spent with the kids around the fire, roasting marshmallows, talking, joking, telling stories and making memories warmed my heart. Bedtime finally rolled around and we tucked them in with kisses and hugs, checked to make sure the ventilation was optimized and zipped the tent closed. They weren’t quite settled down and I could feel them moving around a little, but, they settled in and slept good just fine. We were happy they slept well with no issues. We try to make memories with them at every turn and now, we can add camping to the places we can go and things we can do together. We look forward to many more escapades in the Escapade.

Afternoon hijinks
The setup

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