Wings over Whiteman

WOW is an incredible air show with a variety of demonstrations with planes, jets and parachute teams. This year, I wanted to bring some grandkids so we brought 6 between the ages of 5 and 11. Because it was a 3 hour trip, we had an early wake-up and off we went. Within minutes they were sleeping and they slept most of the way. We sat our stuff down and couldn’t wait to start exploring. We headed towards a cargo plane to check it out and Lydia, one of the grandkids said, “Are we going to get in that plane?” I said, “yes, we are.” She jumped up and down and said “I have never been on a plane before, grandma.” They were all excited to try out the bells, whistles, straps and snaps. There were so many great exhibitions but some of my favorites were the P51 Mustang-mostly because Brians grandpa flew those in WW11, US Army Golden Knights parachute team, B2, A10 and F-22 Raptor. From the sound of the take off to the tight formations, the smoke trails and the B2 dropping a bomb, they all added up to a great show. Another granddaughter, Baylee noticed the hang challenge and one of the booths and wanted to give it a try. The women’s record at the time was one minute 32 seconds and she managed to hang tight for a minute 18 seconds. She was so happy about her accomplishment and I was proud of her unwillingness to give up easily. Walking out, Lydia said she wants to fly “one of the ones that throws bombs” and Rylar wants to “fly them all.” Within 15 minutes of leaving, the back seat looked exactly as it had when we begun the journey that morning. What a great memory! We hope that in making memories with these precious children we will broaden their horizons and bring a small bit of the world to them. Some photo credits from wings over whiteman.


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