Gifts or Memories

About a year and a half ago, we stopped giving the grandkids things and started doing things with them for their birthdays. At Christmas that year, we gave gift cards and that wasn't much fun because we didn't get to see them "'get" their gifts. So, this year, we decided to get them all together … Continue reading Gifts or Memories

On a hit summer night would you………..

Well, yes, we would.... have an amazing healthy dinner with some of our very good friends and then head to the lake for an evening boat ride. It was an incredible evening to be on the lake. There were hardly any other boats out and with the moon coming into full, I just couldn't get … Continue reading On a hit summer night would you………..

Colorado Vacation 2019 Day 1 – Home to Dodge City, KS

Day 1 of vacation started with an epic fail. We should have given our granddaughters motion sickness pills before we left and we didn't. We remembered too late. Mady fought it hard but got sick. After we stopped and cleaned her up and changed her clothes, we got back on straighter roads and they slept … Continue reading Colorado Vacation 2019 Day 1 – Home to Dodge City, KS

Wings over Whiteman

WOW is an incredible air show with a variety of demonstrations with planes, jets and parachute teams. This year, I wanted to bring some grandkids so we brought 6 between the ages of 5 and 11. Because it was a 3 hour trip, we had an early wake-up and off we went. Within minutes they … Continue reading Wings over Whiteman