Gifts or Memories

About a year and a half ago, we stopped giving the grandkids things and started doing things with them for their birthdays. At Christmas that year, we gave gift cards and that wasn’t much fun because we didn’t get to see them “‘get” their gifts. So, this year, we decided to get them all together and do dinner and a movie. This past Saturday, we got 7 of the grandkids, ages 11,10,10, 9,6,5 and 3 and my 10 year old nephew together and they started getting ready. It was crazy busy for a little bit with taking turns back and forth in the bathroom. Between showering, putting on their clothes, shoes, doing hair and a little bit of makeup. By 3:30, we were taking a photo in the yard and loaded into both our vehicles and headed to the movie theater to see Jumanji. Some of the kids had never been to a theater with the reclining seats and they really enjoyed the experience. After a quick bathroom stop, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner. We ordered several entrees to share and were delighted with the salad and breadsticks. Maybe grandma and grandpa loved the salad the most, but, we had plenty of food. And, as we were finishing, we started talking about dessert. We decided that we should finish up this date with ice cream. Once again, we loaded up and headed to Braums for ice cream. The best thing about going there is that everyone gets to choose their own dessert. It was a hit with all the kids and they decided that we should definitely do this again, but, my nephew wondered if we could maybe see another movie. I assured him that we could definitely do that. If you have children or grandchildren or children in your life that do NOT need any more toys or things, i encourage you to stop buying things and start making memories. It is so much more fun and those memories will live in their minds forever. And, let’s face it, one day, they will have their own lives and they will not have as much time for us as they do today.

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