On a hit summer night would you………..

Well, yes, we would…. have an amazing healthy dinner with some of our very good friends and then head to the lake for an evening boat ride. It was an incredible evening to be on the lake. There were hardly any other boats out and with the moon coming into full, I just couldn’t get enough of the moon, the sunset and the colors and reflections. It was magnificent! As we rode along, they pointed out a house on the bluff that not only had a deck that extended out over the water, but there was also a walkway that was a part of the deck that went out further. We ooohed and aaahed about it, but I can promise you, that is definitely NOT on my list of things to do. As we rode along, the heat of the day was replaced with the cool breeze off the water mixing with the fresh smell of pine and occasionally fish. We rode up past the bridge and back, occasionally talking but each of us mostly lost in the sounds of the evening and the water churning beside the boat as it cut through the water. What a beautiful night to go for a ride and enjoy the great company of our friends. Any time you get a chance to be on a lake, a river or even the ocean, just do it!

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