National Pie Day

A few weeks back when it was national pie day, I wanted to celebrate. I sprayed my jumbo muffin tin with non stick cooking spray lightly and then lined my jumbo muffin pan with pie crust. Then, I took a can of apple pie filling and divided it up equally in the crusts. I also cut up a medium size apple and added that and then I added my favorite applie pie spices- cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves and a teaspoon of brown sugar. I took a couple little cookie cutter forms and cut the flowers out for the top and popped them in a 400 degree oven to bake until the crusts were nice and golden brown. It took about 25 minutes. Because I did not stop after work to buy ice cream, I topped the pies with whipped cream and they were so good! You could do this with any pie, really, even chocolate, lemon, cherry or others and would also be a fun kid thing to bake. #adventureswithfly #nationalpieday #applepie #miniapplepie #quickdesserts #easydessert #easyforkidstomake #pie #apple #appledesserts

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