My boyfriend and I have been eating the Whole 30 plan for the last 30 days and I promised him when we were finished, I would make Tiramisu. It’s his favorite dessert. I have never made it before and when I looked for recipes, it seemsled like there were hundreds of variations. I used this recipe: http://orsararecipes.net/amaretto-tiramisu.

My Walmart did not have mascarpone so I used cream cheese. I also opted for the non alcoholic version using pineapple juice and almond extract. If you do not have cacao powder for the top, you could dust it with cocoa or a bit of the espresso powder. I also shaved a bit of dark chocolate on the top. It turned out really good. It’s not too sweet. I do need to say though that I served it out after only being in the refrigerator for 3 hours so it was still a bit soft. I could taste the espresso powder and the creaminess of both egg mixtures and the cacoa powder and dark chocolate on the top added just the perfect anount of chocolate and sweet. If you have never made this because you are intimidated or you just didn’t think to make it, I suggest you give it a go. It will make you feel so good and it is so good! Go ahead, do it.

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