Crispy “Restaurant” Potatoes with frizzled onions

Because I love to cook and love looking at recipes, I subscribe to many more recipe outlets and blogs than I could ever keep up with. This morning, though, one thing caught my eye and it said "Trick to the crispiest potatoes with creamy, fluffy insides" and I thought, "Really, let me see what they … Continue reading Crispy “Restaurant” Potatoes with frizzled onions

Savory Oatmeal

When my boyfriend asked me if I'd ever had savory oatmeal, my nose turned up a little bit. He saw that but went on to give me this recipe. As I listened to the ingredients, my mind went from "um, no" to "hmmm. That might not be too bad." So, I tried it. I have … Continue reading Savory Oatmeal