Chicken thighs: bone in or bone out

Because it’s healthier and so versatile, we eat a lot of chicken. Normally, i buy boneless skinless thighs or breast. On a recent shopping trip, I wondered, what is the actual difference in price compared to buying bone in skin on. I bought a package of boneless, skinless thighs for $1.99/lb, which is a good price.  Normally, they are about $2.49/lb.  Then, I bought a package of bone in, skin on thighs for 1.31 lb.  The package weighed 5.35 lbs. After I cut off the fat and cut out the bones, I was left with 3.2 lbs.   So, when I divided the price + $7.01 by 3.2 lbs, the price was $2.19, which in my book definitely levels the playing field and to me is not worth the small difference in price for all the work you have to do to cut out the bones and take off the skin.  Now, let’s say the bone in package was on sale for. 69/lb, which is very cheap but once in a while you can find this price. This would make the final price $1.15/lb, which when compared to $1.99/lb or $2.49/lb, it might be a harder decision for me to make, especially if I was feeling a big family and not just cooking for 2. Once you make the decision, find a great chicken recipe and try it out. This chicken in the photo doesn’t have a name but it was so good. First, I cooked the chicken in my big frying pan in a little bit of olive oil. Then, I took that out and sauteed sun dried tomatoes, garlic and spinach in the leftover juices and set aside. Next, make a bechamel sauce ( and add the tomatoes, garlic and spinach to the sauce. And, finally, cook your favorite pasta and once you drain it, make a pasta nest so to speak on your plate and put a piece of chicken on top and then spoon over your sauce and viola’. Dinner is served.

The numbers don’t lie

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