Macarons for the first time

My granddaughters and I watch cooking and baking shows together all the time. We talk about all the things we want to make and this past weekend we had the chance to try macarons for the first time. First, though, how fun is it to say “macarons?” That is part of the draw-you get to tell people you made macarons using your very best but worst accent. We checked the recipe ingredients and we had everything except superfine sugar so we used regular C & H sugar. I was able to show my granddaughter how you whip egg whites to stiff peaks and teach her other baking techniques like piping. This first batch was piped unevenly and did not have the superfine sugar but, it was good for practice. We decided to not frost them and without the frosting, the cookies tasted like egg white cookies. We had a great time and talked excitedly about the next time we make them and if we might use different colors and maybe a flavor other than vanilla. I think macarons is something you need to practice to get better and we intend to continue to practice often. Stay tuned for updates.

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