Springfield Cashew Chicken made healthier

I f you havemt heard of Springfield Cashew Chicken, you’re missing something so Iconic in Springfield, MO! David Leong from Leong’s Tea House is the inventor of this deep fried chicken with savory brown gravy topped with cashews and green onions. I have been craving cashew chicken but because we are eating healthier, I have resisted the temptation.  Yesterday, though, in Walmart, I found the Springfield Cashew Chicken sauce mix and decided to make a healthier version. I steamed a cauliflower in my instant pot and used my pastry blender to chop it up fine. Then, I cut chicken thighs (you could also use chicken breasts) into pieces and sautéed them in 1 T evoo. Then, I made the sauce. I started the plate with a bed of cauliflower and added chicken and topped it with 4 T of the sauce. I did not have cashews or green onions on hand but if you have them, chop some cashews and a few tops of green onions and viola. The original recipe has 652 calories per serving and this version has about 450. Not a significant difference but, still 200 calories which could be a small dessert or just a calorie savings. I thought this was really good and satisfied my craving for cashew chicken. I will be making this again.

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